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Datamars Tissue Sample Testing FAQs

All BVD test samples from the Datamars tissue sample tag range previously tested by SAC are now processed by NMR in their extensive Glasgow laboratory. This change will take effect from 25th August 2023 after SAC announced they were no longer testing Datamars tissue tags.

Any BVD tags and SAC tests samples already purchased from Datamars can still be sent to SAC as per the normal process along with original paperwork provided and Datamars will ensure they are delivered without any delay to NMR in Glasgow instead for testing.

All BVD testing undertaken by NMR is carried out by automated processes that open and test these tags minimizing handling ensuring the highest possible test protocols as well as enabling us to control costs as volumes continue to grow.

What if I still have unused BVD tags and SAC tests from Datamars?

Tag calves and send to SAC as per normal and we will ensure they are delivered to NMR in Glasgow instead for prompt testing.

Will there be a delay if using NMR to BVD test instead?

What if I still have Typifix tags previously from Datamars?

Who does Datamars now use for their BVD testing?

Does Datamars still offer Typifix test tags?

Has there been a price increase with the switch to NMR undertaking BVD testing for Datamars?

Why have Datamars partnered with NMR?

What BVD tag and test options do I have?

Who are NMR?

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