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Management Tags Q&A

What are management tags?

They offer livestock keepers a way of easily identifying individual or groups of animals in addition to mandatory Official tags required by law. Identification for management purposes by age, size, sex, breed, sire/dam origin, flock/herd/location origin etc. assists livestock keepers.

They can assist in monitoring weight gain using readers and digital weigh scales if an EID option is used, when Official Visual tag sets have been used in cattle instead. Sheep tags are either one EID Slaughter tag or a Breeding Set with one being EID.

They can also be an additional Unofficial Tissue Sampling Tag (TST) used to detect diseases such as BVD in cattle or used to extract genetics for traceability for supply chain and pedigree flock or herd requirements.

Are management tags Official tags?

Can you add management information onto Official tags?

Do Official tags always have to be yellow?

Can you buy blank or preprinted management tags?

How do I write my own information onto management tags?

Can I use any marker pen to write on management tags?

What is a ‘third’ tag option I sometimes hear this phrase?

Are management tags always Visual or can I buy EID ones too?

Are management tags always yellow?

What size of management tags can I get?

Are management tags always 2 piece tags?

Are two-piece management tag male and females always the same size?

Can you use a management tag to an animal already tagged?

How are management tags packaged?

Where do I buy management tags from them?

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